Capricorn love horoscope for march 2020

On December 2, expansive Jupiter will begin a yearlong visit to Capricorn, kicking off a new year chapter of your life. Get ready to be shot out of the cosmic cannon after a that may have felt more meandering than many years. And with a pileup of planets visiting Capricorn all month including Venus, Saturn, Pluto, the Sun and a solar eclipse , you can expect one of those eleventh-hour victories that Capricorns are famous for achieving. Better still? Normally, you obey the dictates of Chronos linear time , which is another name for Saturn, your ruling planet.

But since November 8, , expansive Jupiter has been swimming through Sagittarius and your twelfth house of healing, escape and closure. The Sun is in Sagittarius and your imaginative twelfth house until December Are there problems, grudges or outworn relationship patterns that you want to leave behind in this decade? Before you set your sights completely on the future, deal with any lingering remnants from your recent past.

You can make those kinds of decisions pretty swiftly on December 12, when the Gemini full moon beams into your sixth house of wellness and organization.

Ready for your coming-out party? All eyes will be on you—and two of them could belong to a sexy admirer. Strong attraction and potent feelings could ignite out of the blue. Have you been holding back from expressing how you feel? The Jupiter-Uranus trine brings those raw desires to the surface, and it will be impossible to hold back.

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  • Capricorn's horoscope for March 2020.

This is the kind of day when you spontaneously sign up for a striking makeover—the kind where you chop seven inches off your hair or dye it turquoise. And you know what? It might just work. On December 21, the Sun blazes into your sign for a month, kicking the bountiful Jupiter vibes into high gear. In fact, the Sun and Jupiter will make their once-a-year meetup on December 27, considered by some astrologers to be one of the luckiest and most confident days of the year. But right before that, something even bigger happens! On December 26, your dreams are catapulted by a Capricorn solar new moon eclipse.

And the world will see YOUR halo under these otherworldly beams as one of your projects or ideas springs into the spotlight.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Talk about finishing the decade powerfully! In , an unusual number of planets powwow in YOUR sign. In your first house, the amorous planet helps you stand out from the crowd, so indulge that desire to dress up and be a bit more flamboyant than usual with your look. OWN your role as a power couple, and model positive action for others to emulate.

Meanwhile, passionate Mars is marching through Scorpio all month November 19 to January 3 , lighting up your social eleventh house. The heart wants what it wants, but let your brain weigh in, too. Couples should emphasize the friendship aspect of your relationship to increase the fun AND alleviate any pressure that may be building during holiday season. On December 20, Venus undergoes a sea change and sails into Aquarius and your second house of practical luxury.

Cook someone a meal; treat them to a massage or another of your secret talents; make a charitable donation in their name. When you do go out or indulge, make sure you are loving every minute, bite and sip.

Under this grounding alignment of the love planet and your celestial ruler, you can set boundaries that work for you or solidify a teetering union. Step into your power, Capricorn! December marks a huge shift for you as the tides start flowing in your favor and clarity commences. On December 2, expansive Jupiter moves into your sign for the first time since , staying until December 19, Lucky Jupiter only visits your sign every 12 years, so this momentous cycle could shine the spotlight directly on you and your goals.

Ready to move in a totally new direction? Not only is Jupiter joining structured Saturn your ruler and alchemical Pluto in Capricorn, but a powerful solar eclipse also occurs in your sign on December 26, followed by a merger between Jupiter and the confident Sun on the 27th. Jump-start the new decade by kicking in long-closed doors.

Use social media to rebuild your brand or boost your reach. Post that impromptu IG story and see who engages! All this expansion could demand a new system or two. This will be illuminated by the December 12 Gemini full moon in your sixth house of organization and helpful people. Ready to upgrade the way you run your life?

This is as good a time as any to refine your work to a spit-shine. However, Capricorn love horoscope predicts that there will be a strong push for multiple changes in your love life. Since members of the Capricorn are stubborn people, they will not want to change. However, the changes are much more mandatory than a suggestion. In this year, , there will be a total of up to five eclipses.

Capricorn Love & Romance Horoscope – Capricorn Relationship Predictions

Four of the eclipses will be Lunar while one is a Solar Eclipse. There will be effects on you since the moon is your planet of love.

Love Horoscope Overview

Also, you will notice the in the year ; there will be a strong sense of change because the eclipses will occur twice than usual. This is because most of the love that they have for their partner will go through a trial. Remember that the moon is your love planet; therefore your love will be changing daily. Also, due to this, your moods will be off the charts. As per the prediction of the experts, the moon will be the critical factor in making you moody. Furthermore, in the year , you will be seeing more love chances knocking on your door than ever before. In the year , the 7 th House of Love is not showing good signs.

However, this year will be one that welcomes the single Capricorns to the union of Holy Matrimony. Many of them will be want to get a chance to get married because the cosmos will demand of it. Alternatively, the people of the Capricorn sign will have more opportunity to reorganize their marriages. This is because there will be many challenges that are affecting their unions. Therefore, there will be many divorces in the year too. Moreover, this is one of the years that brings a lot of balance in all areas of love.

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Some Capricorn will also get opportunities to work on their 2 nd marriages. They will be having less disturbance in their marriages than the others. This is because their marriages will be enjoying the status quo. However, they will also have their marriages going through the rigorous test. Furthermore, around October 29 th , there will be a bright aspect in the matters relating to weddings.

So, the people that are on their 3 rd marriages are most likely to have a blissful year ahead.

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Moreover, single people are going to have a blast as they have possibilities of getting married. On the other hand, they will also have some difficulties in relationships. This is due to the numerous tests that are bound to shake them up.

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However, only the strongest of the bonds of relationships will survive the changes. Also this time there will be people having short term relationships that have no prospects. It will be the year that allows most of the people to learn the kind of people that they are dating.