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Stories of Muslim prayer rugs at the border are urban myths that have frequently popped up since at least , but with no evidence to substantiate the claims.

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In April , Quartz reported that White House advisor Stephen Miller had been purposely leaking information on border apprehensions and asylum seekers to the Washington Examiner so that the paper would publish stories with alarming statistics that sometimes criticized DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen , which he could then show to Trump and undermine her position. Nielsen was fired in April for reportedly not being sufficiently hawkish on immigration. The paper issued a major correction within a day.

After the Climategate controversy , the Washington Examiner published an op-ed which said of climate science, "Some decades hence, I suspect, people will look back and wonder why so many government, corporate and media elites were taken in by propaganda that was based on such shoddy and dishonest evidence. In , the Washington Examiner editorial board criticized supported President Trump's unilateral withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords, which the Examiner editorial board described as "a big flashy set of empty promises And part of the reason it is changing is due to human activity.

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But those two facts are excuses neither for alarmism and reflexive, but ineffective action, nor for sacrificing sovereignty to give politicians a short-term buzz of fake virtue and green guerrillas another weapon with which to ambush democratic policymaking. On August 31, , the Examiner published an editorial, titled "The great failure of the climate models", which claimed that overwhelmingly accepted climate models were not valid scientific tools.

Scientists described the Washington Examiner op-ed as highly misleading, noting that there were numerous false assertions and cherry-picked data in the op-ed. On September 23, , the Examiner published a piece that contended global warming protests are really a Trojan Horse meant to end capitalism and promote socialism.

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What should the editorial be like? Who will read it? This article is my contribution to the discussion.

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  5. Once a backwater History helps place the present crisis in context. Chicago was an art backwater when the New Art Examiner began publishing in October of Chicago has since become a major art center. There are several reasons for this. The art expositions held each year at Navy Pier since brought dealers, curators, collectors and artists to Chicago from all over the world.

    The expos gave Chicago an international profile. Local dealers widened their contacts and increased sales.

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    Chicago artists gained as the world saw and purchased their work. Since , James N. Wood has led the Art Institute through unprecedented growth and development. He presided over a building program that continues to this day, the celebrated rehanging of the permanent collection, expansion of the 20th-century galleries, and establishment of a contemporary art exhibition program.

    Wood has shown how a public institution can accommodate change and withstand fierce political pressures without compromising its standards. Two university-sponsored institutions -- the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago and the Block Museum at Northwestern University -- have expanded their programs, collections and facilities in recent years. Both museums have purchased and exhibited Chicago art. The Museum of Contemporary Photography, which started in , has presented many excellent shows and won museum accreditation as it built a collection of more than 4, American photographs by plus artists virtually from scratch.

    The Museum of Contemporary Art has improved noticeably since Robert Fitzpatrick became director in Recently, it has mounted a series of solo exhibitions by younger Chicago artists. The Chicago Art Dealers Association has 44 members today. Only four of these existed in Chicago's dealers represent many local artists, providing them with income that enables them to continue their work.

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    7. Three Chicago dealers have moved to New York and three others have opened branches there, making it possible for some Chicago artists to show in the world's art capital. As Chicago has become a better place for artists to live, many have made their careers here instead of moving to New York. Chicago has a very strong group of mid-career artists, some with national reputations.

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      Local sculptors have organized international, summer-long outdoor exhibitions at Navy Pier. Chicago artists have created alternative spaces, cooperatives and weekend galleries where young people often get their first shows.

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      Chicago's city government established the Chicago Cultural Center, a kunsthalle that presents work by local artists. Chicago has the best public sculpture collection of any U. As Chicago's art community went from triumph to triumph, the Examiner ignored, opposed or belittled its progress. I am one of many who long ago lost patience with this silly, cranky enterprise.

      An editorial vision A freshly reconceived, financially stable, editorially relevant Examiner should begin, I believe, with an agile board of directors that commits itself fully to its job of financial oversight, long range planning and fundraising. The board must build financial checks and balances into the renewed organization from the very first day.

      Most readers won't care about finances as long as the articles are good.

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      The Examiner 's editorial mission must be to report on art and artists in Chicago and the Midwest. The Examiner must present a variety of viewpoints and welcome responsible commentary from all parts of the art community. It must avoid partisan politics and controversy for its own sake. The Examiner should post some editorial on its website because this is quicker and cheaper than going to press.