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Chances are they will be, but I cannot see everything in your chart from where I sit, so call your insurance company first. I am glad someone in this world decided to go to medical school, was tested on his or her skills, and was able to fix me up. The eighth house is the house of transformation where the surgeon takes out what is harming or hurting you and transforms you to health.

This full moon will be supported in tight degree by the financial planet Pluto, which suggests you might conclude talks or an application that brings you a very large one-time bundle of money, or where you may receive a considerable raise in salary. Pluto is associated with banks, the government, and global, multinational deals, so for example, you may receive an infusion of venture capital at this full moon or benefit from a government program, such as a program for veterans or those who run small businesses and need a loan. Neptune will conjunct the full moon and oppose Mars on September 13, so despite such lovely, supportive aspects at this full moon, you still must look at every detail of anything you agree to mid-month.

Read a contract before you sign it, of course, but first, have a lawyer look at it—with a magnifying glass. With Neptune so prominent, you need to find out if any clauses are confusing, or worse, missing. By missing I mean that the contract may not have included a contingency that may come up, and if it does, no one would know what to do and chaos could ensue.

I always look at my contracts first, put marks on them that I want to discuss, and then go over them with my lawyer.


If you do that regularly, you will begin to think like a lawyer, and together, you and your lawyer can find all the weak links in the agreement. Saturn has been in retrograde since April 29 but will go direct on September If you feel certain parts of your life have been in limbo, this is good news, for Saturn will noticeably create momentum after Saturn moves forward.

When planets move from retrograde to direct, they all seem to temporarily stop and hang like a lantern in space as they press on their internal engines to go in the opposite direction. In astrology, these stationary periods I just described are a very potent time and one that will provide a major clue to what comes next. Usually, the clue will be delivered very close to the day the planet—in this case, Saturn—turns direct.

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That would be September 18, but it could come as early as September 8 or as late as September Although the clue will be subtle, if you watch and listen for it, you will know instantly when you perceive it, and you will know which way something important to you will go in the weeks ahead. The news you hear will likely be about money, for everything in your chart seems to revolve around financial topics in September.

At this full moon on September 13, plus or minus four days, you may benefit in an outstanding way if you work in any of the arts, entertainment, or are a museum curator, art dealer, or actor. The arts could be very fortunate for you now as Neptune is the planet of creativity, and its current position is in your second house, which rules your personal income—that is, money that you do not have to share with others only the government in taxes at the end of the year.

Mars and Pluto will be in sync on September 19, and that would be an ideal day to apply for funds, no matter what type of money you need to fulfill a dream. You might go to a bank for a mortgage or business loan, pitch a venture capitalist, or send in an application for a student loan.

You might need a sponsor for your new website or app, and if you look on September 19, you will find that person. No matter why your need for money, this would be a fine day to petition for funds. Pluto also rules your tenth house of career, so on September 19 you may hear superb news about a job offer or promotion. If you are self-employed, you could bring in an exciting new client who believes in you and will give you a large assignment.

You must do your part and look for your exciting career news. It seems to be there, but you must make it known you are ready for more responsibility. If you are self-employed, tell people you have the time and resources to take on a new client. Additionally, concerning your career, if you work in the media, publishing, broadcasting, or the digital world, you might see a lucky break at the very end of September or the first ten days of October. You may be asked to write an article or book or to host a TV or Internet radio show, for example.

Expect to be lucky, for it seems you will be. After all this financial thinking and calculating, you will need a rest. Happily, the universe agrees and is sending you a lovely new moon in Libra, a sign perfect for you, because it is an air sign just like Aquarius. You will feel in your element and relieved not to have to think about money anymore.

Can you pack and go somewhere? If so, your timing would be perfect. Let me explain why I feel this would be a sensational idea for you. The new moon will arrive on September 28 in Libra, your ninth house of travel, at five degrees. Choose to go to a foreign country, where you will be enveloped in the sounds, tastes, and colors of a new culture.

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You need to see something new, to lift you away from everyday life as if on a magic carpet to a setting where you can learn something new. This friendly new moon of September 28 will fall in your ninth house, and that part of your chart rules higher education above high school , so that will be where you will find the golden nuggets in September. The reason I feel that travel or advanced study will be so fortunate for you is because Venus rules this part of your chart your ninth house , and on this very day, September 28, Venus in Libra will be in close talks with Jupiter in Sagittarius on your behalf.

What a gorgeous new moon this will be for you!

You will also find support if you have concerns about your home or other property or hope to help a parent by this very same aspect—Venus in perfect angle to Jupiter on September 28—for Venus rules your fourth house of home and family, as well. You will have so much to celebrate. If your birthday falls on January 25, plus or minus five days, you will feel this new moon is speaking directly to you and will bring you a bushel of benefits.

I hope you can travel or study! If you have the natal moon in Aquarius or Aquarius rising at five degrees, plus or minus five degrees, you, too, will benefit. Lastly, see if you have a natal planet in Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius at five degrees, plus or minus five degrees.

If you do, this new moon will contact that planet and be very lucky for you this month. This is a big month, dear Aquarius, and you will be highly productive. Press forward with the knowledge that Mercury will go retrograde on October 31 until November 20, and you will start to feel the slowdown as soon as October Do your best to set things in motion now, then let everything marinate once Mercury begins to retrograde. You will be working on money matters as the month begins, and if you are in the process of a lifestyle change, such as trying to divide property at the end of a business or marriage, you will be negotiating quite a bit to find a fair settlement.

If you are interviewing for a new position, you appear to be engaged in intense, but fruitful talks about benefits, such as year-end bonus, commission levels, health insurance, and other company perks. If you are not interviewing, you may be subject to a windfall—such as if you are a contestant on a TV game show—or you could receive an inheritance. If someone owes you money, much to your surprise, you may hear that you will be paid back this month. If you applied for a mortgage, you could be preparing the paperwork to send your broker so you can close on a new house or condo.

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In another scenario, you might be working on taxes or negotiating a payment plan concerning back taxes or student loans. Story from Spirit. We are all, each one of us, part of the cosmos. And, in order to understand our place in the greater planetary universe, we use the science of astrology channeled through our high priestess, Susan Miller.

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However, our seer is sick. Since some time this spring, Miller has been suffering an unspecified autoimmune disorder her Twitter feed is full of vague hints at what it could be and her forecasts have been posted later and later each month. Terri Cole, a psychologist and anxiety expert, told us that the disruption of expectations can literally cause pain.

Above all, we want Ms. Miller to be well, and to return and guide us into the future. But for now, we present our highly unscientific, un-Susan Miller astrological guide to getting through this troubled, literally uncharted time. Prepare to look at the world through new eyes on Sunday, when speedy Mercury trines a retrograde Uranus. Our collective need for change encourages us to. It only makes sense that the non-stop rager — also known as Leo season — is directly followed by the calming palate cleanser of Virgo, beginning.

The week ahead is filled with opportunities for self-reflection. Pay attention to your emotional reactions on Sunday evening, when the Moon wanes in.