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She did this with the false sense in the way that Sagittarians believe, that nothing can harm them.

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Furthermore, Saturn, the planet of our fears, sits along sit that Pluto which suggests some even darker things and this combination is in stress aspect inconjunct to the planet of wounds Chiron. A drink or two a day, say at a meal, keeps a person at the same level. A binge at that one holiday party leaves a nasty hangover and not much more. But regular, intense use — that does the trick, just as with interval training. To expand on this concept, I would go further and say that regular training can produce adaptations — a habit — over several weeks or months.

Periods of more intense use then provides one main way to ratchet up the level of engagement with alcohol and drugs. He said in a interview :. Absolute and complete nonsense.

Amy Winehouse’s ex ‘trying to flog unseen photos of late singer’ after making ‘claim’ on estate

She was not. This is utter nonsense; denial of the highest kind. She started working professionally around the age of 14 and writing songs about using pot.

Amy Winehouse & Blake Fielder-Civil

You can debate all you like about whether or not pot is harmful, but for a person with a predilection to substance abuse, pot is just as harmful as alcohol in starting down the pathway to addiction. Instead of dealing with problems, the substance abuser uses the substance to cut off the pain of feelings of pressure, lack of confidence and fear of failure.

One can look closer in the chart and see that with Neptune so close to the moon, someone in the home was using substances, probably alcohol, providing a role model for use. So Amy learned from family experiences and her own that using substances regularly provided relief from the pain of living—at least at first. Even being vulnerable and engaging in heavy drug use is not enough to turn a person into an addict. One of the main tricks is getting them to turn themselves into an addict.

Crucial to this process is linking a subjective experience with a subjective action, tying together wanting something and engaging in doing it. They need to have reasons to use — and just as we knit together that sentence so easily, so drug users must engage in each part of that sentence. Specific individuals, the development of compulsive involvement, motivations and expectations and desired outcomes, and the act of using—those things come together through the elusive becoming.

Winehouse married on-off boyfriend Blake Fielder-Civil born April 17, , a former video production assistant, on 18 May , in Miami, Florida. Fielder-Civil was quoted in a British tabloid as saying he introduced her to crack cocaine and heroin. While she said that her marriage was based on drugs, she also said her marriage was based on sex. But this marriage was based more on sex. It has all the hallmarks of a Plutonian relationship. With reporters she gushed about how perfect her husband was , in private they had arguments where both drew blood.

Then she defended him. Amy and Blake were less than a year apart, so the critical outer planets, Pluto and Neptune shared similar positions in their respective charts. This forms a grand trine which initially is a feel good combination and considerable sexual heat. This is the set up for the Plutonian relationship, where the two people involved feel compulsively drawn to each other.

The pain generated by such a relationship only fueled a never ending merry-go-round of pain and seeking a relief from it. She wanted him and feared losing him. Doing harder drugs was the price she paid for staying in a relationship that was as addictive as any drug. Thus her intention was cemented. To keep her husband, she kept doing drugs. In the end of course, it all fell apart, but not before she was trapped into the compulsion to do some very serious drugs.

Blake made himself done with Winehouse by getting involved with a model. Winehouse was left alone with her addictions. By this point in the addictive process the neurochemistry in an addict brain is changed. Drug craving itself is mediated by glutamate receptor activity in the hippocampus—the seat of learning and memory.

The puzzling matter of craving and relapse began to come into focus only when certain researchers began to rethink the matter of memory and learning as it applies to the addictive process.

This led back to the role of glutamate, and it gradually became clear that the drug high and the drug craving were, in a manner of speaking, stored in separate places in the brain. Research at the National Institute for Drug Abuse NIDA strongly supports the hypothesis that drug memories induced by environmental triggers originate primarily in the hippocampus. Memories were triggered, of Blake, the failed relationship, and the drugs they took together.

It is not a coincidence that earlier that day she purchased the combination of drugs that she used so often with Blake. Two weeks here, a week there is just not enough time to overcome the reordered neurochemistry, retrain your thinking and learn how to live a sober lifestyle. Unfortunately for Amy, her refusal to take rehab seriously left her vulnerable to the ultimate toll that drugs can exact. Photo published under a Creative Commons License as posted on en.

Blake Fielder-Civil Birth Chart Horoscope, Date of Birth, Astro

Amy was in rigor mortis when found at , a process the takes several hours to set in. Full rigor mortis takes around 12 hours. Amy went to bed at 10, with the BG going to wake her at , so I have read in several places. The death time you are using appears to be wrong by at least 3 hours and maybe more. What I used was the recorded time of death, a time fixed by medical personnel and therefore the official government record. The official time stamp of an event is important all on its own.

I originally wrote this synastry article way back in The sub text is true love is supposed to make us suffer! Black Moon Lilith and Chiron were very active through the relationship too. First a quick look at the important synastry aspects effected by these transits. I now think Lilith here shows demonic possession finding an access point through Chiron childhood wounds. Sun conjunct Ceres is just so Persephone!

Amy, the middle class, perhaps over-protected Jewish girl, sent to stage school by her doting parents abducted and brought down by the poison arrow Facies of the centaur. Ceres also rules opium. Lilith conjunct Venus. This transpersonal aspect is made personal because it is square the Davison Mercury.

Pluto in hard aspect to the Moon is probably the most difficult transit one can have in a lifetime. Unfortunately, since he was also embedded in the drugs underworld, it is most likely that the demon between them was vamping off Amy through Blake. Amy lost so much weight over this time too. Blake became her Plutonic muse for the mournful, soulful love songs that made her the biggest selling female artist of the 21st century so far. The song writing was probably cathartic for her initially, but in the end, if we believe in such things as energy vampires.

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Just think how much juice it would get out of that album! Demon merges with Angel. We have a time for this so that will make it more interesting. More forbidden fruit in the shape of the drugs binge.

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Drugs run out? This is the big one. A stunning example of using precession for transits.