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Cat's Eye is precious gem, which harmonizes Ketu. This stone removes all the negative influences of Ketu such as physical weakness and mental worries. Cat's eye is founded in various shades like black, light green etc. It also ensure financial gains and consolidate accumulation of wealth. Diamond, the king of precious gemstones, has surprising luster and beauty.

It represents the Venus planet or Shukra, which is regarded as the third brightest planet. Venus is also the ruling planet of Taurus and Libra.


Venus is important because of its association with the science, medicine, tantra, hypnotism and mesmerism. Diamond gemstone increases the positive influences of Venus such as stamina and wealth. It also provides blissful marital life and good health. Diamond removes inferiority complex and generates desired qualities in the wearer. This gemstone is considered very for artists, actors, hoteliers, gold sellers, industrialists and doctors. Pearl or Moti is the stone for Moon.

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In Astrology, moon has similar signification as of heart. Pearl is used to remove the ill-effects of Moon. Pearl gives calm and vibrant feeling. It improves memory as well as the confidence for the interaction with people. This gemstone cures all the diseases arising out of the heart. It helps in splitting negative energy and emotions. Pearl increases both inner beauty, facial luster and charm.

It creates mental balance, tranquility and calmness as well as enhances the power of love to ensure a blessed marital life. Gems and Stones.

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Featured Collection. Join Us On Social Media. A student of technology, who had Rahu in his 5th house, was told to put Gomed; before his examination, but failed to secure even pass marks. Of what utility is such an advice based on half baked knowledge? The practice of prescribing stones governed by the planet, which portrays evil to a native according to their birth chart is like asking a person whose house has caught fire to pour inflammable material into the fire. Suppose Venus is the afflicting planet, and caused diabetes. Venus governs sweets. Would it be wise to ask the person to take plenty of sweets?

A stone should be prescribed to a native for a particular planet only when a planet is benefic to that person by lordship and occupation by nakshatra at birth. The KP System lay down that houses 1, 2, 3, 6, 10, and 11 are most auspicious in any horoscope from the viewpoint of material gains and success.